"Shakary - The Last Summer" (2002)

1. Different places (4:59)
2. The play of my life (4:52)
3. Sparkles in the dark (7:20)
4. Love warchild of 64 (6:41)
5. Masks (6:44)
6. Two days left (5:26)
7. Dreaming in L.A. (14:07)
Line-up / Musicians
Scandy musical concept, song composition, bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, project direction and production
Lele Hofmann musical concept, song composition, lead guitar, keyboards
Michael Branzino vocals
Giovanni Galfetti keyboards
Mario Krag production, rythm guitar, lead guitar
Walter Calloni drums
Joe Coxx percussions
Vos da Locarno female choir
Gabriele Martini flute
Ilario Garbani bagpipes
Sandor Kwiatkowski lyrics & visual design